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IBM AS/400 Front End Modernization with SOArchitect.



Reuse, extend, integrate and web-enable your existing IBM iFamily (IBM i, i5, System i, iSeries and AS/400) applications.
Dynamic application modernization and integration solutions for customers and application vendors. Our on-the-fly architecture automates the modernization process, requiring no changes to your back-end IBM iFamily and System z applications.

Front-end modernization supporting

  • rich, thin and mobile multi-channel GUIs
  • integration with virtually any desktop, web and back-end application
  • delivery of core applications in popular UIs like Outlook® and Google™
  • integration with most portals
  • offline support

Back-end modernization supporting

  • creation of SOA compliant Web services from unchanged back-end applications
  • two-way Web services support
  • 5250, 3270, DDM, ADO and RPC support

Composite solutions environment supporting

  • on-the-fly delivery of new solutions
  • assemble composite applications by connecting your core application components with external applications and services


Assignment 400 will review your applications with you, and build a modernization program that can be implemented in stages. A4G can offer a number of options (turn key to working with your IT folk) to modernize and will provide an estimate of costs.

Work with A4G's Modernization Services team to review how A4G can assist you to modernize your IBM computer. 

A4G's solutions are available individually, or as part of a total integrated solution for your business. Just let us know what you need then count on A4G to find the right solution to fit your objectives and budget. Contact A4G today for a free consultation.




Contact A4G today for all your modernization needs   •   770.321.8562


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