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Business Continuity Planning




Over the years since 2000, the USA has experienced an increasing number of weather calamities and disasters. Some companies have experienced random flooding or fires in their facilities.

In many of these disasters, common IT practices proved inadequate resulting in poor recovery of vital company information stored on their computer systems. These systems include network servers and back office systems such as your IBM POWER 6i (System i, i5, iSeries and AS/400).

Your Business Continuity Plan assume a total disaster, detail the precautionary steps required to complete a full recovery. Remember, when you experience a total disaster, such as happened in New Orleans and Katrina, family will always come first. Even the men and women of the police force in New Orleans deserted their posts to take care of their families first. Your BCP will take this situation into account and include third party companies to take over the recovery of your business while your employees recovery from the situation and get back to work.

BCP is more than a Disaster Recovery Plan. BCP includes and refers to your DRP policies and procedures.

Work with A4G BCP Consulting Services to your develop and customize your Business Continuity Plan.


A4G's solutions are available individually, or as part of a total integrated solution for your business. Just let us know what you need then count on A4G to find the right solution to fit your objectives and budget. Our ERP and technical professionals are available to support your business with software, services, integration, and/or hardware.  Contact A4G today for a free consultation.




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A4G's IBM certified experts support your IT requirements saving your business money and hassle.

Enterprise Resource Planning for IBM's POWER 6i.

The practice of consolidating departments of an enterprise into a single database management system.

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A suite of tools to enhance your business functions for better productivity and performance.

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