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ACT Overview


 ACT - Archive, Compliance and Trace

Archive, Compliance and Trace (ACT) monitors and records all events and transactions as they occur on your system. Information is retrieved from the journals and is restored to an image library for storage and retrieval at some undefined moment in time.

ACT permits you to analyze, debug and be SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliant with ease and simplicity.

Archive - Working at the database level, OS/400 and I5/OS records all database records and copies them to designated libraries and images of your choice. Alternatively, the data can be copied to other systems for retrieval, display and analysis.

Archives are stored for a period of time that is user defined. When the retention period is passed, data will be removed from the system.

Compliance - ACT provides you with the tools to comply with all legislative and audit requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc.

Trace - Use ACT to find out who changed the data, what changed the data, when was the data changed and how was the data changed.


Debugging tool

Once the data has been archived, ACT provides simple inquiry programs to display archived data. Data can be sorted and selected at the user's discretion. As a debugging tool, ACT can be used on 1 or more files.  More...


Automatic Inquiries

When you select a database file to be archived, an inquiry program is automatically created by ACT to permit easy inquiries. More...


Remote Data Storage and Inquiry

A feature of ACT is the ability to store your data on the same system and/or to store the data on a remote system. The remote system could be an older iSeries in your facility or over at another geographically remote site.

Build new applications based on this data without having to change any code in your existing applications. More...



Click here for a list of features in ACT. More...


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