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 ACT - Archive, Compliance and Trace


Features and Benefits




* Who changed the data?

* Can be used with as few as 1 file.

* What program changed the data?

* Can be used on multiple libraries?

* Where was the data changed?

* Debug assistant.

* How was the data changed?

* Uses IBM System i, I5 features and functions.


* Uses standard journaling features.


* Retrievals are user definable. Select which fields in the file are to be shown in the inquiry.


* Fully ILE compliant.


* Deploys SQL for image retrieval.


* Create new retrievals in minutes.


* Create multiple inquiries over the same image.


* Remote Backup / system availability


* Build new applications based on new data being added to your applications.




A4G IT Services are available individually, or as part of a total integrated solution for your business. Just let us know what you need for your OS/I5 or OS/400 system and count on A4G to find the right solution to fit your objectives and budget. Our IBM System i / iSeries professionals are available to support your business with services and/or hardware on-site and remote.  Contact A4G today for a free consultation.


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